Meconium colour palette

The pallet of colours are the outcome of the entire journey and research in Queensland, Australia to the meconium of butterflies. Because there is a restriction on returning organic materials from Australia, Cools did not have the opportunity to take the meconium liquids with him home. That is why he has recorded it in a colour palette. These colour cards are mostly known for paint related colours but were used during the discoverytrips by ornithologists.


Color palletes were created with aqaurel to indicate the color of a bird seen in the wild. The ornithologists had no time to paint the complete bird, before they had finished painting, the bird had already flow. After the fieldtrip the complete bird could be painted by using the colour pallete while returning home. These colour cards were later also used for regular paintcolours, as we still know them. Cools way of using these cards is in the tradition of the first ornithologists during their fieldwork.

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