The Bronze Green Oak Wood - Bureau Europa​

The Bronze Green Oak Wood is an exhibition exploring how we observe and depict nature, from landscape to back garden, vista to urban greenery,

and from bio-utopia to an overgrown ruin’s 'unleashed' flora and fauna.

Nature is clearly an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In painting, nature’s grandeur and sublimity disclose metaphors for unparalleled beauty. Nature's inexorable force is seen in a daisy or thistle growing

in the cracks of paving or in its ability to overwhelm and destroy, the evidence of which remains visible for millennia. Nature provides us with food and a proven beneficial effect on our mind and health. For some, nature is synonymous with the Alps, while others consider their backyard

a rich natural habitat.


For centuries, the differentiation between 'Nature' and 'Culture' has

been a much discussed and disputed topic. Despite our origins in nature,

humans are naturally implicated in the cultural domain, and yet data

and algorithms operate organically or in natural swarm-like patterns.

 © 2018 Stefan Cools