The Archive of the host plants

The Archive of the host plants consists of a serie of gardens. These gardens have a collection of host plants of butterflies. Every butterfly has its own host plant. This is a plant that the caterpillar feeds on.

By making a serie of gardens in different places in the Netherlands and abroad with it's own natural surrounding it is possible to have a large variety of host plants. For Cools the host plants and related caterpillars are of crucial importance for his work. During the pupation of the caterpillars and the emergence of the butterflies, new color pigments of the meconium can be obtained.

The Archive of the host plants is a serie of gardens that will be developed throughout the Netherlands and abroad in the coming years. The gardens also provide a broad biodiversity and are open to the public. A foundation established by Cools takes care of the gardens and organizes education programs about biodiversity.

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